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Noccy 369514589f Added woodpecker config
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline failed Details
1 month ago
Noccy b0566e3148 Fixed case in test filenames 2 months ago
Noccy c5dd773026 Added docblocks 2 months ago
Noccy 5c422226fd Fixed test @covers annotations 2 months ago
Noccy e30ded1e66 Added changelog 2 months ago
Noccy 822b796d40 phpstan fixes 2 months ago
Noccy b9c690cb6e Fixed readme 2 months ago
Noccy fabf160346 Useless merge 2 months ago
Noccy 953e831d84 Fixed capitalization, tests 2 months ago
Noccy 5a4a2845e4 Update 'README.md'
Fixed code blocks
5 months ago
Noccy 6b1d3178cf More tests for JwtValidator 2 years ago
Noccy 7753853e58 Added support for validating token issuer and audience
* Use requireIssuer() and requireAudience() on the JwtValidator to make sure
  that the token is for what you expect it to be for.
* A setAll() method has been added to property bag, applying but not overriding
* Added tests for JwtValidator.
2 years ago
Noccy 9d85e2ccef Fixed claim check in JwtValidator
* Removed the addRequiredClaimWithValue() method, as checking
  the value should be up to the implementation.
2 years ago
Noccy 88b6247e63 Added tests and fixed func name in PropertyBag 2 years ago
Noccy 3899d191a4 Initial commit 2 years ago